Goddesses & Amazons - Bellydance & Body Conditioning

Bellydance is a beautiful expressive dance form historically originating from the Middle East.  Celebrating the female form, it embodies the empowering qualities of both strength and femininity, which are demonstrated through the learning of earthy
grounded movements and fluid sensual patterns.   

A contrast between the two main elements of  percussive isolation and smooth undulations, creates a mesmerising and enchanting dance form that lends equally well to both choreography and improvisation-the key being musical interpretation.   

Bellydance is accessible to all and does not discriminate against age, size or experience.  As it is one of the few dance forms that incorporates moves natural to the mechanics of the human body, it is easy on the joints and does not require a lengthy background in dance to enjoy or master.   

Bellydance has unlimited scope for personal development as it is not only a technical dance form but also an artistic and emotionally expressive and culturally rich form of art.   This enchanting dance has numerous benefits for both the mind & the body improving:   

Body Awareness 
Flexibility and mobility 
Strength & tone 
Posture & grace 
Artistic expression 

It is also a wonderfully supportive dance form and community which lends well to both individual and group participation and development.  As well as being a superb source of body conditioning, core strength and low impact exercise.
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