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Goddesses & Amazons - Bellydance & Body Conditioning

“Maria is a highly talented and respected dancer. A  visually stunning performer, Maria enchanted our audience with her liquid moves and flawless interpretations. She is a valued addition to any event show, captivating audiences wherever she goes!”
Bonita: Teacher & Performer 
"I have seen a few Belly dance performances both before and since seeing Maria perform. I booked Maria for a performance at my  place of work and also for a performance at my home. Maria is extremely accomplished , performing authentic dance, is  professional yet friendly and approachable. A top class performer who has outclassed other performances I have seen. I would certainly book further performances."
Pamela Mele
"I had done a taster workshop on a salsa weekend and really wanted to learn Bellydance properly.  I liked the way that Maria made complicated things easy to learn and made me feel comfortable and welcome.  I also like the relaxed attitude and that class is enjoyable. There is a great atmosphere with lots of friendly people enjoying each others company and dancing, no matter what level they are at. I enjoy the way the classes are structured with a good mix of technique, drills, combos and choreography, with variations for different levels of dancer.  After a class I feel relaxed and my muscles tend to feel a bit less knotted up! Since I started bellydancing I am fitter and more flexible, have developed more muscle tone and have better posture. Mentally I have gained self confidence, I am not as shy about meeting and talking to new people and performing in front of an audience as part of a group. I have recommended this class to friends as I think the teaching style is very good, especially for beginners as Maria breaks things down clearly, and it is such a nice group that new people are made to feel welcome."
Sammy: Student 
"I once saw a bellydancer at a special event and was mesmerised!   I originally heard about Bellydance classes from a dance newsletter – as I used to do Tango.
Maria’s class is great for everyone whatever level/ability:-interesting music and choreography and a really supportive/enthusiastic teacher.  Maria provides a good balance of attention to detail/technique whilst allowing us to develop at our own pace and enjoy the dancing.  I particularly enjoy choreography and I also think the other women in the class are a great bunch!
After a class I feel much happier on the way out than on the way in! I have gained improved self-confidence, and I find the focus needed to dance is actually very good for clearing the mind (kind of like active meditation).
I bore everyone I meet with the benefits of bellydance and always say that Maria is the best teacher I have had – I have moved around a fair bit in the last few years and her classes are by far the most enjoyable and accessible."
Andrea: Student 
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