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Goddesses & Amazons - Bellydance & Body Conditioning
The Sacred Feminine in Bellydance
Ancient mythology tells us that once upon this earth and amongst the heavenly skies, there existed a source of divine feminine energy in the form of Goddesses and Amazons.  Whether these creatures were heaven or earth bound they represented the same thing-the power of the feminine entity.  
Through grace and strength combined, they embodied the perfect representation of the feminine and were able to commit great feats and legendary acts.  Yet, through the years, the myths and legends began to fade and over time our Goddesses and Amazons were all but lost to legend.  
Yet now the Goddesses and Amazons rise again.  In each and every one of us lies the unharnesessed energy that seeks to connect us to the power of the feminine and create within us our own manifestation of the Goddess or Amazon. Now is the time to tap into this unlimited resorce, to channel your inner Goddess and Amazon and become the ultimate feminine entity who embodies both power and grace. 
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